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We would like to note our satisfaction with the recent dealings with Mike Garrett of the Nissan dealership. It was because of Mike we purchased a 2002 Ford Windstar, a car which lasted 181,000 miles and 11 years of reliable service. During our ownership of the Ford, Mike arranged various service needs even though he was no longer with a Ford dealer. Because of his continuing service long after the sale was made, we decided that we would seek out him when we finally decided to get a replacement. We had never considered a Ford before Mike, and his expertise in finding the right vehicle for us then let us trust him to find us something equal or better as a replacement. Mike knew that our budget would be deciding a car and so he suggested a newer used car. We went over to the dealership and he produced a really nice Honda minivan. We drove it, liked it and then he said that he had another car, just in case. That car was a Nissan Quest. Taking Mike's word for the quality of the car was enough, but he insisted we try the car out. We were quite pleased with the appointments, the quietness and the ride. Barb has a severe spinal problem and ride is especially critical to any car we own. Again, Mike was spot on for his match up of car and drivers. This is notable in the new instance, we had not considered Nissan before Mike's suggestions. We hope that we will have a long and happy ownership, we know that Mike will be there for us should any problem arise and we enthusiastically recommend Mike to any buyer who wants a auto dealer for the long haul.
Bill and Barb F. 2002  Ford   Windstar

It was a pleasure working with Mike Garrett, and my wife and I appreciated the expedited service. This is the 3rd that we've purchased through Boucher and thanks to your team, we will continue to be customers of Boucher. I am glad that we gave Boucher a "second" chance. We will continue to recommend Boucher to our friends. As of this day, I know of 4 friends that we have sent to Boucher that have purchased a vehicle.
MSgt Will & Susan Mattert 2012  Nissan   Sentra

NEVER had a better experience in my life buying anything and this experience today will continue to remind me of why I am over there fighting for our country. (Boucher Manager Note - Thank YOU Wes!)
Wes Lomeyer 2011  Chevrolet   Camaro

George Ovies! At 26, I purchased my first car. I was pleasantly surprised with the level of professionalism shown by George; he made me feel heard and remembered my wants during the entire process. George allowed me time to test drive several cars and offered me carfax information without hesitation. Great job, George!!!

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